Corporate Coaching

Companies excel with our guidance and we pride ourselves on being strong partners during times of change. Mergers, Acquisitions & Leadership changes affect both employee engagement and can significantly affect your profit line. Employees who may be very qualified as individual contributors and inexperienced as leaders thrive with coaching as they transition into higher organizational levels.  

What’s unique about our approach is that we do not just coach with an ICF  certification –we’ve been on your side of difficult coaching conversations and understand your challenge. We’ve worked with thousands of employees during times of transition. We’ve led mergers and acquisitions that have affected as many as 15,000 employees at a time.  

Corporate life can be messy. We are experienced at partnering with HR leaders and attorneys to coach in sensitive areas for a successful outcome.

Leaders have been coached in a wide variety of industries: Technology, Marketing, Finance, Media, Medical & Hospital Practices and Consumer Products.

Our Leadership through Coaching program offers a unique combination of leadership communication training and individual executive coaching sessions while remaining affordable. As leaders go through the team based program, they hold each other accountable for delivering positive results making a difference to the bottom line. Talk to us today about how we can help propel your business forward through the base of powerful coaching. 

We offer individual Executive Coaching for leaders who are looking to make a stronger impact in the organization. This starts with 360-degree feedback interviews and a personal assessment (Myers Briggs© or DiSC©). A Comprehensive analysis is provided to support the development of a targeted action plan.  These actions focus on measurable results.